The Renaissance party is demanding the formation of an investigative commission into possible "Russian funding" of French parties

Emmanuel Macron
Emanuel Macron / Photo: EPA-EFE / CHRISTIAN HARTMANN

Eight MPs from the French Renaissance party requested the establishment of an investigative commission in the National Assembly, which should investigate possible Russian funding of parties in France, the MIA correspondent reported.

The request by Renaissance lawmakers followed the disclosure of declassified US information on several hundred million euros paid by Russia to several countries.

While the National Assembly party, which rejects the accusations of the majority that it depends on the Russian government, also announced that on Monday it will submit a resolution for the establishment of an investigative commission in the Parliament. According to them, the commission would investigate the connections of Renaissance politicians with Qatar, with China, as well as the connection of the president's party. Emmanuel Macron with the American giants Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Uber.

According to a declassified US intelligence document released on September 13, Russia has paid hundreds of millions of euros to political parties in several countries since 2014 in order to increase its influence and influence elections.

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