Panic in hospitals in Belgium over the emergence of the new strain

Belgium Covid-19
Medical person and patient infected with covid-19 in Belgium / Photo: EPA-EFE / STEPHANIE LECOCQ

A new case of infection with the new strain of coronavirus - omicron has been identified in Belgium.

This is a vaccinated person who had no contact with the first identified carrier of this virus on the territory of Belgium, who did not travel abroad alone, but had contact with someone who arrived in that country.

Doctors add that the symptoms of the infection in this person are mild.

So far we have two confirmed cases of omicron in Belgium. These two patients are not related. The number of infected could reach 10 in the next few hours, said Emanuel Andre, a microbiologist in charge of Belgium's national covid-19 laboratory.

Yesterday, Belgian national authorities called on all hospitals in Belgium to immediately postpone all emergency treatments for two weeks in order to free the beds for patients with the coronavirus. reports the Brussels Times.

It is estimated that by December 10, more than 1.000 patients with covidium will not be in intensive care in Belgian hospitals.

Operations are delayed

All emergency surgeries and activities that use intensive care, classic hospitalizations that do not use intensive care, as well as one-day surgeries that do not use intensive care, are postponed for two weeks.

Rescue operations and therapies such as chemotherapy, dialysis or necessary rehabilitation will continue as before.

It is certain that the influx of patients will continue in the coming weeks. We can no longer prevent that, and the new measures will have an effect only in the coming period - warn the Belgian health authorities.

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