This personality test reveals your past life lessons

Photo: Screenshot/YorTango

Although most people cannot tell many details about who they were in a past life, but such a memory is quite possible, it says "sensa".

There are people who, without any spiritual training, can recall those lives. However, most are denied these memories for certain reasons…

Fortunately, this personality test will reveal all the lessons you should have learned from your past life.

Look at the photo and focus on what you notice first.

Red house

If the first thing you saw was a red house, chances are you spent a significant amount of time in a rural area working as a farmer or farm laborer in a past life.

It may be a far cry from the life you live now, but that doesn't mean you haven't learned certain lessons. If you feel frustrated, anxious or tired during the day, remember that in a past life you had tremendous power to do many things. You know that hard work always pays off in the end.


If the first thing you saw was grass, chances are that in one of your past lives you were an academic who spent most of your time studying.

You were probably very good at what you did, but unfortunately, your desire to be the best in a certain field meant neglecting family and social obligations.

So when you feel torn between work and the rest of everyday life, remember the pain of a past life when you worked non-stop.

Life is made up of things that happen when we're not paying attention, and you've learned that time is the most important resource we have and that it shouldn't be wasted on things that don't warm our souls.


If you saw water, in your past life you were either a sailor or someone who spent a lot of time by the water, either at home or as a fisherman or ship captain.

Even if you're not around water right now, chances are you've always felt a special connection to it, whether you've shared it with others or not. You have learned in a past life that the ocean, like life, is profoundly changeable.

You always expect the unexpected and are ready to deal with whatever Mother Nature sees fit to throw your way. You are a natural fighter, and for good reason: you know that constant awareness of change is the key to happiness.


If you saw the mountain, then you were a great adventurer in your past life. You may not have been a person who climbed huge mountains, but that's not out of the question either. Although the thought of doing something unusual and daring seems scary to you now, don't doubt that you used to be just that kind of person.

Remember well this lesson you learned from a past life: patience and determination are the key elements of any great undertaking. Don't let yourself fall prey to the fear of failure. You are a person of incredible power, whether you are aware of it at this moment or not.

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