Sheep pox is the most common acute disease in December, three cases of HIV were also reported

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During the month of December, the Institute of Public Health registered a total of 1 reports of sheeppox, as the most common acute infectious disease. Three cases of HIV and 610 sexually and blood-transmitted infections (NO HIV/AIDS) were reported.

Of the total number of reports of sexually and blood-transmitted infections (WITHOUT HIV/AIDS), seven cases are of viral hepatitis B, six are cases of chlamydia, five are cases of syphilis and two are of viral hepatitis C, IJZ said.

The three reported HIV positive persons are male. According to the place of residence, one person is from Skopje, and one person each from Struga and Sveti Nikole.

The persons are aged 30-44. One person is heterosexual, ONE person belongs to the MSM group, and for one person the mode of transmission is unknown, the statement said.

During the month of December, there were no registered deaths from HIV/AIDS.

According to the existing record of reported cases, the cumulative number of people registered with HIV/AIDS in the country, in the period from 1987 to 2022, is 586, and 123 people have died, and 463 people are living with HIV/AIDS, according to the data of the Institute.

In terms of vaccine-preventable diseases, in December last year, nine cases were registered, of which seven were of viral hepatitis B and two were of infectious mumps.

Registered cases of viral hepatitis B according to the age of the patients, are not subject to immunization according to the calendar for mandatory immunization in RSM. The diagnosis is confirmed laboratory and clinically. Infectious mumps cases are subject to immunization according to age, one person is immunized, the other is not. The cases are diagnosed clinically, adds the IJZ.

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