These are the three reasons Heard wants to overturn Depp's conviction

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The legal team of Amber Herd filed papers this week asking the court to overturn the decision that the actress must pay the Johnny Depp $15 million in defamation damages.

Their arguments for overturning the judgment are threefold. Attorneys for Amber Heard, who was found guilty of three defamation lawsuits filed by Depp, argued in a 43-page motion that the verdict during the ex-couple's emergency trial was not supported by evidence, reports New York Post.

They believe Depp's team did not provide enough evidence to prove that her article about domestic violence in the Washington Post cost him film roles.

Johnny Depp
Ex-spouses Hurd and Depp / Photo: EPA-EFE

They also emphasized that she never mentioned Depp's name in the text, and as the third and most important reason for the cancellation, they state that one of the jury members was not who they thought he would be.

According to TMZ, the legal team claims that juror number 15 who was summoned to court and juror number 15 who appeared are not the same person.

On paper, this juror was born in 1945, but the actress' legal team says the person who appeared in court is much younger. Namely, they claim that the year "1945" was written. instead of the actual year, "1970".

amber head
Amber Heard / EPA-EFE/Steve Helber

If it is determined that the court did not exercise "due diligence" in vetting the jury, that could be a valid reason to overturn the jury's verdict, foreign media reported.

Johnny Depp's lawyers, on the other hand, said on that occasion that they expected this from Heard and that they just wanted to "delay the matter".

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