This will shock you! Do you know what Bruce Willis did before he became an actor?

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis / Photo: EPA-EFE / WILL OLIVER

The Hollywood actor Bruce Willis, after a multi-decade fruitful career, was forced to retire due to aphasia. In March 2022, his family announced that he would retire from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a speech disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate. "Brand".

Decades spent in acting have been filled with success for the 67-year-old actor, but was this profession the first in Willis' life? What kind of work did he do in his youth? The answer may shock you.

Actor Bruce Willis at the British premiere of the film "Die Hard 4.0" in London / June 20, 2007 / Photo: EPA/LINDSEY PARNABY

Before becoming famous, Willis worked in the mid-70s nuclear power plant as a security officer. It was one of his first jobs out of high school, and he has said in previous interviews that it was sometimes quite dangerous and that he would wade through the snow to check that everything was okay around the factory, then descend 100 meters underground, in the center of the factory.

In addition, he worked as private investigator and truck driver, and in his spare time he played harmonica in his blues band.

Willis began his acting career in Off-Broadway plays, and became famous with the role in the series "Moonlighting".

During his career, Willis made more than 70 films, and as he said, working at the nuclear power plant helped him in the interpretation of certain roles.

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