"This is SDSM's suicide," says Trajanov about officials' salaries

Pavle Trajanov
Pavle Trajanov / Photo: MIA

The President of the Democratic Union, Pavle Trajanov, says that someone should bear responsibility for the enormous increase in officials' salaries, after the Constitutional Court decided to abolish two articles of the Law on wages and benefits with which the basis for calculating the salaries of officials increases from 26.000 to 47.700 denars.

"The Constitutional Court made a difficult, complex, unacceptable decision, and they should bear the consequences for that. The government supported the decision of the Constitutional Court, which means that it participated in making such a decision and therefore must take responsibility. This is a suicidal position of SDSM. The Constitutional Court is a party branch of SDSM and DUI, as they used to be of VMRO-DPMNE. They don't make any decision without an agreement with the ruling parties," Trajanov said in tonight's show "Only the truth" on "Channel 5".

According to him, the next thing to do is to reduce the coefficient by which the salary is calculated, so that the increase would not be so drastic.

- It is an irresponsible decision and I think that it must be reacted to in the Law. There is a mechanism, through changing the coefficients. The increase in wages must be matched with the growth of wages and pensions. This increase with the decision of the Constitutional Court must not be effected - said Trayanov.

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