Opened "Gallery under the open sky" in Čaška

"Gallery under the open sky" has been installed this weekend in the center of the Municipality of Čaška, on the wall surface of the "Bambi" kindergarten, which faces the square.

12 works by 10 artists are placed in glazed wooden boxes. The exhibition, the first of its kind in this municipality, is organized by the professor of fine arts and academic fine artist Draganco Tanevski from Čaška with the support of the "Center for Contemporary Arts" - Skopje and the "Open Society Foundation Macedonia"

The exhibition features works by artists from Skopje and one each from Veles and Čaška. These are the fine artists: Brankica Jordanovska, Sally Ertunc, Ana Spasova, Ana Trajkovska, Dorotej Neshovski, Sanja Simoska, Gjoše Mančev, Ivana Samandova, Elena Dimova Pantelić and Dragancho Tanevski.

Tanevski informs that there is no gallery in Chaska, so he decided to present such an exhibition in an open space in a place that is popular with local residents.

- The goal of this exhibition is for art to come closer to the people, to reach as many audiences as possible. Exhibitions are mostly held indoors in galleries and usually in larger cities. In smaller towns and in rural areas, there is no cultural and gallery space, Tanevski clarified for MIA.

He emphasizes that this is a place in the center of Čaška where a large number of people of all ages pass by and it is lively, so everyone passing by will be able to stop and look at the exhibition freely.

This outdoor exhibition will be available for viewing in the next 3-4 weeks.

At the same time, Tanevski announced that he is planning other such exhibitions, but only if he receives financial support for them.

For a long time, he has been asking the local government of the Municipality of Chaska to assign him a state-owned room in which exhibitions and other types of cultural manifestations can be organized.

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