The platform for maternity allowance for Greek mothers has been opened

Photo: Marco / Verch Flickr

The platform has been opened for the payment of maternity allowance to self-employed persons, i.e. freelancers, self-employed and rural women. Now this category of users will also receive a monthly amount equal to the current minimum wage, which currently amounts to 830 euros, for nine months. That is, a total of 7.470 euros.

"Until now, mothers have never received the support that we are giving them today as a state. Now, after giving birth, mothers receive 1.000 euros net per month, after maternity allowance and birth allowance. With this measure in action we confirm that what we care about is motherhood. We don't care if the mother is employed, self-employed, self-employed or a farmer," says Labor and Social Security Minister Domna Mihailidou, Ta Vima reports.

This measure has a retroactive effect, because mothers who had a child from September 24, 2023 onwards have the right to special maternity protection. In other words, care is provided for mothers who were in the postpartum period at the time the law was passed.

Unpaid persons will receive a monthly amount equal to the applicable minimum wage, which currently amounts to 830 euros, provided that they have received a pregnancy and postpartum allowance from e-EFKA and are insured. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date of submission, and reimbursement begins on the first month following the application.

There is also a special provision for those mothers who had a child through an act of adoption, with surrogate motherhood, but also for same-sex couples.

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