The wife of the head of Ukrainian intelligence was poisoned, Ukrainian media claim

Kirilo Budanov / Photo EPA-EFE/ROMAN PILIPEY

Marianna Budanova, the wife of the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service Kirill Budanov, has been poisoned, she told Kyiv Independent a representative of the military intelligence agency (GUR), who is currently not allowed to go out in public. Ukrainian media Babel, citing undisclosed sources in military intelligence, reported that Budanova was hospitalized due to heavy metal poisoning.

A GUR representative confirmed Babel's report in a comment to the Kyiv Independent. She was allegedly hospitalized after a long-term deterioration of her health condition, writes Babel. "The treatment is ongoing, and then there will be an examination," said their source.

"These substances are in no way used in everyday life and military affairs. Their presence may indicate a deliberate attempt to poison a certain person," he added.

The story was also confirmed by anonymous sources for "Ukrainian justice".

"It is true about Budanov's wife (that she was poisoned). "She complained that she didn't feel well, so we did tests and they found that she was poisoned," they explain.

They added that Budanova "probably had food poisoning."

"He is better now because he has passed the first stage of treatment. Since Budanov's wife is quite thin and light, she quickly developed symptoms. And several other employees confirmed that they were poisoned: They are just bigger, so they don't notice any signs of it, they are now being treated," the sources say.

The GUR spokesman, Andriy Yusov, previously stated that Russia tried several times to kill Kirill Budanov in the past.

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