Find out in which zodiac sign the fewest people are born

Photo: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov

Have you ever wondered which zodiac sign has the least number of people born in it? We have the answer to that question, and if you belong to that sign, you can consider yourself special.

This zodiac sign is from the group of earth signs that are known for their ambition and life exploits, a sign that stands firmly on the ground and is not prone to daydreaming.

According to a study, it is said that The goat is the rarest sign in the horoscope, because the fewest birthdays are celebrated between December 25 and January 1, that is, during the holidays, and that is the period of the Capricorn sign, whose rule lasts from December 22 to January 20.

The data in the study reveals that most people are born between June and November, meaning that most children are conceived in December, January and other cold months.

Maybe that makes sense, since during the winter we are more at home, and cuddling under a blanket is a favorite activity of many couples.

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