After a snake appeared in the park near Vero 2, the Municipality of Karpoš puts a repellent for protection

After this weekend in the park opposite Vero 2 in Skopje's Kozle neighborhood a snake appeared a meter and a half long and disturbed the visitors of the frequent location, the Municipality is in action today to deal with the problem. There is an ongoing action by the services of the municipality of Karposh to install "repellent" - a means of prevention, i.e. protection from snakes.

Professionals placed this dedicated tool around primary schools and kindergartens on the territory of the local self-government.

It is a natural product that is harmless to humans, animals and the environment, which contributes to reducing the appearance of reptiles.

The appearance of reptiles in these parts is the result of the increased temperatures in the Skopje valley, as well as the widespread vegetation. This effective agent contains the extraction of essential oils from herbs and trees, and it acts in such a way that it spreads the smell of fresh fire, thus repelling snakes to approach a certain area, informs the Municipality of Karpoš.

VIDEO: Snake in the park near Vero 2

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