After Apasiev refused and Dimitrievski set red lines for him: Mickoski again called for unification

"SDSM is plotting, Pendarovski is begging foreigners, and the opposition must unite." Hristijan Mickoski said from a rally tonight that national unification is needed. After he announced a moratorium yesterday and ordered to stop all attacks against the Left and ZNAM, today the leader of the Left, Apasiev said that the ferocity in the criticism must not let up and said: "Don't trust the DPMNE people, even when they bring you gifts. The thermometer of ferocity in criticism must not be lowered even by a degree!'

Tonight, Mickoski said again that the opposition must unite and that Macedonia cannot wait any longer, because the citizens are tired.

"We live in difficult times. The state is in chaos, institutions are paralyzed, apathy and disappointment is felt everywhere. Trust in politicians has been lost, because the will of the people has been tricked many times. Nothing works. "Macedonia has been taken from the hands of the winners, and the citizens are rightfully skeptical about whether that can be changed," he added.

Mickoski considered that these elections are the last chance for salvation, changes, he said, are possible and within reach, and the people are looking for changes because Macedonia is tired of waiting.

Earlier, the presidential candidate Maxim Dimitrievski from the Movement KNOW - For our Macedonia, repeated that there is no coalition with SDSM, and he told the leader of VMRO-DOMNE that without defined red lines for Macedonia there is no conversation about a future coalition, but there will be no without clearing the the corrupt "tails".



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