After her license was revoked: Two new "transformations" of "Besa Trans", the owner without an answer?

besa trans skopje accident (1)
Besa Trans headquarters / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The logo of "Besa Trans Skopje 2" is the same as that of "Besa Trans", only in red letters. In addition to the Skopje-Tetovo-Skopje trips, the agency advertises trips through the Balkans and Europe on its Facebook page.

I will contact you later, I'm busy right now. This is the answer of the owner of the travel agency "Besa Trans" Bekim Hadziu, when asked by "Sloboden Pecat" whether the agencies "Besa Trans Skopje 2" and "Royal Travel" are connected with the agency "Besa Trans" from Rasce, in whose bus a month and a half ago in Bulgaria 45 Macedonian citizens lost their lives.

In the telephone conversation, Haxhiu neither confirmed nor denied the information we received. After waiting for hours for him to call us, we tried several times to get his answer, but Haxhiu was no longer available.

"Besa trans Skopje 2" with a suffix and a logo in red

"Besa trans Skopje 2" is a travel agency, which organizes daily trips on the route Skopje - Popova Sapka - Skopje. What was suspicious and led us to ask Hadziu if there is any connection between the two agencies with a similar name is that the logo of "Besa Trans Skopje 2" is the same as the agency "Besa Trans", only it is in red letters and with the suffix "Skopje 2". Besa Trans logo is black. In addition to the trips Skopje - Tetovo - Skopje, "Besa trans Skopje 2"On his Facebook page, he writes that he also organizes trips through the Balkans and Europe.

"Enjoy the beauties of traveling with us. "We organize unforgettable excursions, starting from the Balkans, Europe and beyond, at extra affordable prices," reads their announcement on social networks.

The last two posts on this page are from January 8 and January 9, illustrated with a video from Istanbul, Turkey. "Besa Trans Skopje 2" posted videos on Facebook of the arrival of their buses in front of the hotels in Istanbul, but it is from November.

A photo of "Besa Trans Skopje 2" appeared on the issue of "Royal Travel"

When trying to get a viber travel agency on the net "Royal Travel", The photo of the travel agency appeared"Besa trans Skopje 2 ". "Free Press" tried several times to get in touch with this agency, but failed to understand how it is possible to have two logos. The owner of "Royal Travel" is a resident of the Skopje village Rasce, where "Besa Trans" is registered. The company was registered on December 28 last year and is already traveling to the destination Skopje - Istanbul. An offer for a three-day arrangement with two nights in the city on the Bosphorus costs 89 euros, and the bus collects passengers from Gostivar, Tetovo and Skopje, before leaving for Turkey.

The owners of the Royal Tours agency for Telma rejected the claims that they have any connection with the Besa Trans agency and the owner Bekim Hadziu. They called the allegations about their connection with fellow villager Haxhiu speculation, because "they have no contact or cooperation with him." According to their statement, after the establishment of the agency "Royal Tours" in December last year, they bought the vans used by the agency "Besa Trans" with which they are currently transporting passengers.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications, after the accident in Bulgaria, revoked the license of the company "Besa Trans".

The prosecution did not provide details in the interest of the investigation

Before the New Year, the Public Prosecutor's Office confirmed that a pre-investigation procedure has been opened for the work of the legal entity "Besa Trans" and the actions of other competent bodies, in which all circumstances are being investigated.

"Intensive actions are being taken to establish the facts, but in order not to damage the procedure, at this stage we are not able to share more details," the prosecution said.



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