Eight Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Photo: Pexels/Ivan Babydov

Many will agree that dogs are man's best friend, who will always give you unconditional love. But is that really the case, and does your dog really love you or does he just love the sweet treats and treats you give him?

The experts of "Prodograw" tried to give the answer to this question, who claim that there are eight signs that will show you that your dog really loves you.

1. It focuses on you

When you are walking, your dog is constantly running after other pets. Experts claim that this is not a lack of love for you, but your dog is simply interested in socializing with other pets. But when you call him, and he comes back, it keeps your connection strong.

2. He is excited to see you

If your pet gets excited when it sees you, it's a clear sign that it loves you, say experts. Examples include habits such as carrying a favorite object or resting your head on your shoulder while you sleep.

Photo: Pexels/Ivan Babydov

3. Demands attention and touch

According to experts, dogs that want to be petted will express it by wagging their tails and lying on their backs. This behavior indicates that your dog loves you very much.

4. It is joyful in your presence

Experts say it's important, for example, while you're out for a walk, to let your dog enjoy the surroundings and sniff around. It's important to spend time with your dog, and he will give you lots of love in return.

Photo: Pexels/Ivan Babydov

5. Playful body language

If your dog shows no signs of fear or anxiety in your company, then you can be sure that he trusts you. If when you are together he wags his tail, lies next to you, looks at you while you talk to him and is happy for you, then your dog really loves you.

6. He's looking for you

If your dog is looking for you when you're around a lot of people, besides being a good sign that he recognizes you, it's also a great sign that he loves you very much and doesn't want to be without you.

Photo: Pexels/Ivan Babydov

7. He lets you into his personal space

If the dog chooses to sit with you, next to you, or on top of you, it is a sign that he is comfortable around you and that he is glad that you are so close to him.

8. Responds to your call

When you call your dog and he responds immediately, it's a good sign that he loves you, experts say.

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