Sharp reaction of the prime minister of Australia about the graffiti of the American consulate

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has condemned the attack on the US consulate in Sydney [Gay Gerrard/Bull/AFP]

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemned the incident in which the US consulate in Sydney was attacked with a hammer and had pro-Palestinian graffiti.

"The Middle East conflict is a difficult issue. It is complex. Of course, some nuance is needed and it's not just about a slogan," said Albanes at a press conference in Canberra.

"Measures such as the painting of the American consulate do nothing to advance the cause of those who committed, of course, that criminal damage to property."

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns described the incident as "reprehensible".

"It's indicative of a kind of coarsening of public debate that nobody needs in Australia," Means said. "This type of behavior will be investigated and punished by NSW Police."

Police said security camera footage showed a hooded figure with a blurred face smashing the consulate's windows around 3 a.m. Monday.

The consulate's coat of arms was also painted with two red inverted triangles, which some protesters use to symbolize Palestinian resistance.

Pro-Palestinian symbols are spray painted on the US consulate in Sydney, Australia on June 10, 2024. (AAP via Reuters)

The consulate was previously "vandalized with the words Free Gaza" in April, while the US consulate in Melbourne was spray-painted in a similar incident last month.

Australia is a close ally of Israel but has become increasingly critical of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the Gaza war in recent months.

In April, an Albanian condemned Israel's explanation for the killing of Australian Zomi Francom and six other aid workers in an airstrike in central Gaza as "not good enough".

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