Osmani: It is time for all pro-European forces to unite, otherwise serious isolation will follow

Photo: Free Press

We believe that it is necessary to gather all the pro-European forces in the country in a common front, in order to make the essential steps, because if this moment is missed, we may enter a serious situation of isolation, said the DUI spokesperson. Bujar Osmani, after the end of today's Central Presidency of the party in Mala Recica, where, as he indicated, only one point was discussed – the situation with the so-called front for Europe and the next steps.

"Considering that there is an unrepeatable moment for rapid membership in the EU through a fast lane that is foreseen for the region, bearing in mind the solution for the Kosovo-Serbian dialogue, we consider it necessary to gather in a common front all the pro-European forces in the country, in order to take the essential steps because if this moment is missed we may enter a serious situation of isolation. At the Central Presidency, we all agreed that this front is important and that this is the only platform to concentrate European energy in society, to ensure a European future for the citizens. Anyone who promises an alternative for a better life for the citizens cannot achieve it and it is a false hope. That is why the call to all political parties, regardless of ethnicity, who believe in the EU is important here, is to detect this moment and join the front, said Osmani.

Osmani also commented on the recent appointments of party branch coordinators by the DUI president. Ali Ahmeti.

"The central presidency of DUI had unanimously announced elections for all branches. And when there is such a process, the president appoints a coordinator of that process. There is nothing controversial here and in previous election processes there were coordinators, that is the way DUI works, says Osmani.

Photo: Free Press

To a journalist's question whether the "Fire Group" was discussed, Osmani said that with regard to all other topics and issues, the presidency has already scheduled a new session for Monday at the DUI party headquarters.

I know that there are deputies from VMRO-DPMNE who would vote for the constitutional amendments, says Grubi

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