Osmani: It is time for all countries to side with Ukraine

epa10690260 Vjosa Osmani, President of the Republic of Kosovo speaks at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, 14 June 2023. The session runs from 12 to 15 June. EPA-EFE/JULIEN WARNAND

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani said at the Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland that Kosovo can share its story of how, from a state built from scratch, it turned into "an example of democracy and powerful alliances", reports the MIA correspondent from Pristina.

Referring to the current situation in Ukraine, Osmani, as announced by the press service of the Presidency, emphasized that peace is also connected with justice for the victims who suffered during the war.

- As we know from our bitter experience in Kosovo, it is not enough simply to look at peace as an isolated concept, because it largely depends on justice, justice for the victims, for those who suffered the most during the war. As Kosovo, I believe that we are in a position with all the other participants of this Summit to share our story, the story of Kosovo as a state that was built from scratch, as a state that suffered and sacrificed a lot. However, we have turned into an example of democracy and powerful alliances - said Osmani.

The Kosovo president, according to a statement from her cabinet, said that it is time for all countries to stand by Ukraine, as it was done for Kosovo during the war.

- Just as alliances were necessary to save Kosovo from the genocidal regime, it is equally important that now, when the entire security architecture in Europe is threatened by Russian aggression, that we all stand together in the same values ​​and defend the same principles... such as they defended in the 90s in Kosovo - said Osmani, quoting the American president, Joe Biden, that in "difficult moments it is important who you stand with".


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