Osmani says that the "firemen" have no right to impose themselves because they are a minority in DUI

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DUI spokesperson and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, speaking about the discontent among the "fire group" in the party, said tonight on "21" television that a small number of members are dissatisfied, who "want to impose the opinions of the minority on the majority".

However, he says, in a democracy the majority is respected.

"Those who did not vote have no right to complain, those who gave support, they can demand responsibility and accountability. Imagine Ali Ahmeti changing the ministers because it occurred to someone, a group thinks of changing the decisions of the majority, it is no longer an institution, DUI is a serious party, we underestimate the value of this political organization that has recorded incredible victories for 20 years Osmani said.

On the other hand, Izet Medziti, the informal leader of the "fires", believes that Ali Ahmeti is "under someone's influence".

Mejiti also added that Osmani is not the party coordinator for Chair for him, because, as he says, such a function in the DUI statute would create dualism and discord in the branch. Two weeks ago, Ahmeti appointed Osmani to the new position in Chair, which is traditionally a bastion of Medziti.

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