Osmani: The constitutional changes will happen, it is important to talk about this at the leadership meeting

Photo: Bujar Osmani, Facebook

The constitutional changes will happen, I claim six months from today at the latest, they will happen in any combination, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani and said that it is therefore important to open this issue at tomorrow's leadership meeting.

Osmani, in a guest appearance on Sitel television tonight, said that the country cannot stagnate on the European path, because, as he said, it is our oxygen and connective tissue.

- That is our fuel, which moves us forward in the area of ​​reforms. So that, very soon after this emotion passes, that we are not making the constitutional changes under Bulgarian dictation for the purpose of some small political point, we will realize that the small states, even the larger ones in the region, cannot do without the European Union and that system. Unfortunately, we always realize that instead of learning from others, we will make the constitutional changes. Metaphorically, I say in six months, because no government, in any composition, will be able to survive in the absence of a European process - said Osmani.

According to Osmani, the constitutional amendments will take place and the actors who are opposed today will vote, so that, as he says, they will win the elections.

Without constitutional amendments, Osamni emphasized, there will be no continuation of the negotiations and that is clear.

– The screening ends this week, with the MFA chapter. The report there confirmed 100 percent compliance in foreign policy, very good progress, but those are the rules - said Osmani.

Osmani also pointed out that we are one step ahead compared to Albania, but that he does not expect any change in December.

– After the screening, there is a letter that the countries receive, which is aligned with the consensus in Brussels, and refers to the establishment of benchmarks. For us, the letter arrived, for Albania there are still problems with the Greek attitude regarding the letter. The work is moving, but it is hitting a wall with the constitutional amendments, Osmani pointed out.

Osmani also said that the technical prime minister will be on the proposal of DUI and could be Talat Xhaferi, but whether he will be, still needs a decision from the party's bodies, which, as he said, will meet after next week.

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