Osmani: The strategic dialogue with the USA is not a substitute for European integration, but is complementary to it

Bujar Osmani, Minister of Foreign Affairs / Photo: MIA

The strategic dialogue with the USA is not an alternative, but is complementary to the EU integration process. We do not expect a new veto from Bulgaria, replied the head of diplomacy Bujar Osmani at the joint press conference in the Government with the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski dedicated to the adopted plan of activities within the Strategic Dialogue between North Macedonia and the USA.

- It is true that the strategic dialogue was initiated by us when it was uncertain whether the negotiations would begin. Because we felt that we need such a process in which all aspects of the development of society will be monitored - anti-corruption policy, rule of law, those chapters that exist in the EU. And so this idea started, when there is no such mechanism to have this mechanism. Fortunately, we managed to have both mechanisms, that is, to have two hands that push us in progress and towards the EU, so it is not an alternative, but complementary to the EU integration process. So, the anti-corruption policy, the rule of law, all those mechanisms that the USA has, the support it will give to the judiciary will help us to reach the EU membership criteria faster. So, they are literally two hands that will keep the country in continuous development. I do not foresee any veto. The path of North Macedonia has entered an irreversible phase towards EU membership, it will not be easy, there will be many challenges, there will very likely be such escalations, but these are only amplitudes along the way, the direction will not be changed definitively, said Osmani to a journalist's question .

Regarding the impression that when the relations with Bulgaria are at a very low level, the dialogue with the USA is intensified again, Osmani said that there is continuity in terms of the strategic dialogue, and after defining the topics of this dialogue, a working group was formed which, together with the American administration, created concrete projects in short-term, medium-term and long-term frameworks.

- At the moment when the conditions for all projects to be accepted by all institutions, to be accepted by the American side have matured, they passed to the Government and we are already informing the public that we are really entering a new chapter in relations with the United States when the 2008 framework for strategic partnership passes in terms of action, it becomes a living instrument that will deepen relations and surely bring more stability, more development, more economy and cultural exchange between our two countries, said Osmani.

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