Osmani collected 10.000 signatures, until yesterday 38.396 citizens signed for the candidate

Bujar Osmani - Minister of Foreign Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat", Dragan Mitreski

Until yesterday, a total of 38.396 citizens signed for the candidates for the presidency of the state. According to the published data of the SEC, the necessary 10 signatures from the citizens were collected by Bujar Osmani, candidate of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), for whom 10.528 citizens signed.

According to the section of the SEC, after Osmani, the closest to collecting the necessary 10.000 signatures of citizens are the leader of ZNAM-Za nasha Macedonia, Maxim Dimitrievski with 8.400 collected signatures, the candidate of the opposition block "Vredi", Arben Tarvari 7.513, the candidate supported by the Left party, Biljana Vankovska-Cvetkovska has collected 6.237 signatures and GROM candidate Stevco Jakimovski has 4.718 signatures.

All the others on the list of 11 candidates for head of state have fewer signatures each - the candidate Mersiha Smailović supported by the Bosniac Democratic Union has 696, the candidate Velo Markovski has 682 signatures, Gjorgi Manaskov - 186, Zorica Cvetkovska - 99, Mr. Poposki has 19 signatures. According to SEC data, in these four days, not a single signature has been received for candidate Tome Nikoloski.

The procedure for collecting signatures, which began on February 23, will continue continuously every day from 8 am to 20 pm, and on the last day, March 8, they will work until midnight. The collection of signatures takes place in all regional departments and offices of the SEC located in the headquarters of 24 local governments and in front of competent notaries.

When the submitter of a list of presidential candidates is a group of voters, it is necessary to collect at least 10.000 signatures from the registered voters in the Electoral List, while when the submitter of a list of presidential candidates is deputies, it is necessary to collect at least 30 signatures from the deputies.

The participants in the elections should submit the lists of candidates for the president of the state to the SEC no later than March 19, at midnight. The deadline for collecting signatures applies to both the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The presidential elections are scheduled for April 24, and the second round is on May 8, when the parliamentary elections should also be held.

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