Ottomans with a message to Bulgaria: Stop the provocations

Bujar Osmani, Minister of Foreign Affairs / Photo: MIA

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, is waiting for the emotions to subside after the deterioration of communication with Bulgaria and for it to continue between the two sides. After today's meeting with Czech Minister Jan Lipavski.

Speaking about the latest developments with Bulgaria, Osmani said that the arguments are on our side and we must show ourselves as wise and mature as before.

- We have to keep the support, and for now we only have praise. It is not in our interest to get into the vortex of the Bulgarian elections. We have our own, we still need the Bulgarian ones to disrupt our dynamics. We respond to all provocations from the Republic of Bulgaria with all possible instruments, but the public should not be drawn into any violation with the public in Bulgaria. Citizens should rest assured that they have institutions that will take care of our interests, said Osmani.

He also added that he will not ride the wave of public emotions.

When asked about a possible meeting with Macedonian Bulgarians, he said that it is important to maintain the image of a country that has the highest level of protection of the rights of minorities and that all attempts to cast a stigma that someone is discriminated "hit us hard". At the same time, he made a remark to the Macedonian Bulgarians.

- I expected that meeting of the Macedonian Bulgarians to be with me, and not in Sofia or Brussels. The citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, regardless of their ethnicity, have their own government, their own institutions to address their questions or problems. I am open to meetings with everyone, said Osmani.

According to him, in the past few years, the country and Bulgaria created a framework through which the differences or communication between the two countries should be channeled, but "unfortunately, things did not always move through that framework and an agreed will for cooperation for many reasons."

- Frequent election processes in the Republic of Bulgaria, here in April for the fifth time in a row, create unpredictability in communication and maintenance of that agreed will. Electoral processes heat up communication, and politicians who are unable to offer anything grab hold of spare topics in a political contest that imposes the elections. The Republic of North Macedonia has shown wisdom and willingness not to succumb to such provocations. My message to the Republic of Bulgaria is that it is time to break that cycle of negative relations that is not in the interest of both sides. Stop the provocations, said Osmani.

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