Osmani: With the formation of the Bulgarian Government, I expect a new chapter in the relations between Skopje and Sofia

Photo: Facebook/Bujar Osmani

I am optimistic that with the formation of the new government in Sofia, a new chapter in the relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria will begin, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani in an interview with the French television "France 24".

- From my experience, what has been harmful for our relations with Bulgaria and for our European perspective is this endless electoral process in Bulgaria and the lack of a political government as an interlocutor to establish trust and communication and move forward, says Osmani in the interview in connection with the Macedonian-Bulgarian relations and the expectation of continuation of the dialogue between the two countries.

He emphasizes that the screening process with the European Union is ongoing and is taking place with good dynamics, based on which we will receive the reports from the screening and the road map for opening the chapters, and the process of constitutional amendments and the enrollment of Bulgarians in the Constitution is taking place in parallel.

Regarding the reform agenda and the progress of the country in the fight against corruption, Osmani says that we have the best result in the region in fulfilling the political and economic criteria of the European AKI, and in order to progress even better and show real results, we need to start we open the negotiation clusters.

- We insist on opening the clusters for negotiation. The accession negotiations have these overarching chapters on the rule of law, chapters 23 and 24, which open first and close last. And they provide the framework through which we will be able to improve and Europeanize our society, emphasizes Osmani.

He recalls that by being on the road to the EU for so long, the country was the favorite even compared to countries that started the accession negotiations ten years ago.

- This advantage and the faster opening of the chapters will help us to be able to close the negotiations faster, emphasizes Osmani in the interview for "France 24".

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