Osmani: It is necessary to de-escalate relations, and not to ride the wave of the public

Bujar Osmani at the press in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

A de-escalation of the relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria is needed, a strategy to protect state interests, and not to respond to the wave of publicity, said the head of diplomacy Bujar Osmani in response to a parliamentary question by Antonijo Milososki about the escalation and deterioration of relations with the neighboring country. and whether the Minister of Justice, Nikola Tupanchevski, was referring to him when he said that he made a mistake with the statement about the incident in Ohrid.

"We must put an end to such provocations, but always keep in mind that these are groups interested in hijacking relations for many other reasons, including third parties. Both we and the Bulgarian government must not succumb to the provocations and intentions of provocateurs and kidnappers who want to hijack our European future or worsen the image we have built as state," he said Osmani.

According to him, we should continue cold-bloodedly, carefully preserve that image and build a strategy for the protection of state interests.

"I said that the hunting season for provocateurs and political profiteers has begun and everyone will try to build their own narrative on such sensitive topics." he said Osmani.

According to Osmani, the state showed a strong, democratic and institutional capacity and, through a quick and efficient procedure, put the last incident through the legal processes, discovering and detaining a perpetrator of a crime against whom investigative actions are actively being conducted.

"Our conviction was after the prosecution in Ohrid had an initial assessment that the incident was due to elements of identity or ethnicity landmarks. The statement that was mentioned by Miloshoski, to answer, that Minister Tupancevski was referring to me, which was taken out of context, maybe I could have phrased the statement better. I could not wait for the completion of the investigation when I saw the distress of Pendikov's parents. The season of political profiteers has begun and everyone will try to build their own narrative on such topics. We need to preserve that integrity and image. In North Macedonia, there is no state policy of discrimination against a certain community. Therefore, that going to Sofia closed that case. That is how we should continue. "Let's build a strategy to preserve state interests," said Osmani.

Osmani believes that Sofia's recent activities and the withdrawal of Ambassador Angel Angelov are not in accordance with the agreed practice for improving mutual relations.

"On the contrary, they are succumbing to the provocations of those who want to undermine the efforts of the two governments for a stable and positive development of relations between the two countries. Although calling an ambassador for consultation in the home country is the right of the sending country and a regular diplomatic practice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets this step and we consider it unfounded, unsupported by valid arguments and disproportionate," said Osmani.

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