Osmani: Supporting the constitutional amendments is the last chance for the opposition to participate in historic decisions

Photo: Facebook/Bujar Osmani

Supporting the constitutional amendments is the last chance for the opposition to participate in carrying out important processes for the future of the country, says the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani. He said in a guest appearance on "Thelma" that instead of observing and criticizing the opposition, it should finally get involved in the process and participate in the historic decisions for the future of the citizens.

"I think this is the last chance for the opposition, at least in an important historical moment, to be a part of decision-making, and not to run aside and then complain that others solved the issues badly. Because if you do not participate yourself, someone else will solve your issues, the state cannot remain with open problems. So the most ironic position you can have is exactly that, you don't participate because it's safest not to make decisions based on public opinion and then just criticize others," said Osmani.

He assesses that this behavior of the opposition, ie criticizing without participation, does not bring results or positive ratings from the citizens. According to him, citizens recognize such weaknesses in political behavior most easily and do not accept them. On the contrary, Osmani believes, in key moments for the state, they don't need people who follow, but propose, participate and decide.

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