Osmani: We are not assuming the presidency to show dominance, we are constantly working for a common state

Photo: DUI, Bujar Osmani - Minister of Foreign Affairs and presidential candidate, interview for Top Channel Albania

"Albanians are looking for unity, not dominance", this is the main message delivered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and candidate for the presidency in the upcoming elections, Bujar Osmani, as a guest in a show on Top Channel.

Among other things, Osmani said that he is worthy to hold that position because he is the only candidate with international experience, and emphasized that the election of the president from an ethnic point of view must end.

- The accusations were "Albanians should not come up with a candidate who crosses ethical lines". That's why we come up with a candidate who is unique in the race with international experience. I led the OSCE. If in these elections the representative is re-elected from an ethical point of view, there is no reason for the Albanians to be an alibi for the electoral process and we will insist that these be the last elections in this way, that the Constitution be changed and the president be elected in the parliament with two-thirds of the votes. Osmani said.

He assessed that the way of electing the president in North Macedonia is wrong because in multi-ethnic societies, where the elections are mono-ethnic, many communities are excluded, which, he pointed out, brings dissatisfaction with the president and, as a result, a crisis, because he is not accepted by a part of the population.

"We work for a common state, we are masters in our own house. We are not a minority, we lead the country. This is an approach that is misunderstood in both Kosovo and Albania. We do not need patronage, we are masters in our own house. 20 years ago we were excluded. In the institutions in 2001 we were 0,2 Albanians, today we are around 25 percent. We do not assume the presidency to show dominance. It is not a restricted area. The president, who has the role of a unifier, should be chosen by everyone together," added Osmani.

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