Osmani: VMRO-DPMNE and individuals from SDSM care about the equality of Albanians

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of DUI, Bujar Osmani, says that the Macedonian parties consider the equality of the Albanians in Macedonia.

According to him, VMRO-DPMNE and some individuals from SDSM believe that the Albanians are taking their monopoly, but, as he points out, in reality the Albanians are breaking the economic monopoly.

"I will always say, even in SDSM there are those who care about the equality of Albanians, but they do not say so, because it is not true to say that Albanians are taking away our monopoly, but they say that DUI is doing corruption. No no! Albanians are breaking the economic monopoly. "Don't mind the fact that the Albanians will not continue to allow you to have a one hundred percent economic monopoly on Macedonian companies, while the Albanians are on the side," he said on TV 21.

Osmani said that if DUI has one vote less than another political party in the elections, it will go into opposition.

"As of today, I am signing on behalf of DUI, on behalf of Ali Ahmeti, as the spokesperson of the party, as vice-president of the party, I claim that DUI will not become part of the Government under any conditions. "Albanians cannot be represented in the Government in any case except for what reflects the will of the citizens," he says.

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