Osmani: I decided on the co-sponsorship of the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN, not the Government

Minister Bujar Osmani at a panel discussion on Srebrenica/ Photo: MFA

The condemnation of genocide transcends diplomatic ties and relations between two states and peoples, it is our human duty to condemn, to promote the facts, in order to never it happened again, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani at the open discussion on Macedonia's co-sponsorship of the UN resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, which is expected to be adopted today at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

– Condemnation of genocide is a universal human duty and it is not related to any affiliation. In 2010 year our Assembly has made a decision about Srebrenica when it accepted the Resolution of the European Parliament. As a country, we have never had a dilemma about what happened in Srebrenica, when 8.372 civilians were killed in one day, and it cannot be called otherwise. The biggest criticisms during yesterday were that this was an attempt by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to quarrel us with friendly Serbia. On the contrary, this one is not related to Serbia, it is not related to the Serbian people, because the condemnation of the genocide exceeds any diplomatic ties and relations between the two states and peoples - said Osmani at the panel discussion.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elmedin Konakovic, also participated in the panel with a video address, who thanked Macedonia for co-sponsoring the UN resolution. He is convinced that the declaration of July 11 as a memorial day for the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica will significantly contribute to the peace and security of the region and will strengthen faith in the UN institutions.

- Let me remind you of the genocide committed in July 1995 year in the protected safe zone of the United Nations, Srebrenica. More than 8.000 boys and men were brutally murdered, 1.000 were forcibly displaced, entire families were destroyed, and their homes were devastated. Numerous perpetrators were brought to justice, and the most terrible crime, the systematic killing of the Bosniak population in the protected zone of Srebrenica, was legally recognized as genocide by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. And it must never be subject to different interpretations. This was recognized by the responsible people who implement responsible policies in North Macedonia - stressed Konakovic.

Minister Osmani at a discussion on the Resolution on Srebrenica at the UN, organized by the Bosniak Democratic Union/ Photo: MFA

After the discussion in statements to the media, Osmani repeated that he was very surprised by the reactions in the public, especially the part that the co-sponsorship will affect relations with Serbia.

– These reactions and interpretations are unfortunate. There is no citizen who will not condemn the killing in one day of over 8.000 civilians, children and adults, who were simply exterminated even though they were in a zone that was declared a safe zone by the decision of the UN Security Council. The Republic of North Macedonia has developed a functional multi-ethnic democracy and has become an example of respect for the opportunity for all ethnic communities to manifest their identity and cultural peculiarities and for everyone to respect each other, and especially we are expected to condemn any hate speech and hate-based murder. It is expected that the Republic of North Macedonia will be a co-sponsor as one of the biggest promoters of multi-ethnicity and diversity as added value - said Osmani.

He said that the facts of genocides should be taught in the education system in order to never repeat similar crimes. Reminders of the famous examples of state apologies made by Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and especially Germany, which commemorates the Holocaust with various honors as the only way to never forget and prevent repetition.

– Genocide is not only the act of extermination. It starts with hate speech and ends with denial. We should not be at any stage of such a crime. I wanted the ministers of foreign affairs of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to be here with me today and we could all reconcile together. There are two options – either war or reconciliation. The wars in the Balkans are over, our only alternative is to apologize for proven acts contrary to humanitarian law, to reconcile and move on, as in the EU. Between Germany and France, more than 100.000 children were killed in the Alsace-Lorraine region alone, but France and Germany are the best friends today, because the wounds have been healed by speaking clearly about what happened - said Osmani.

To a journalist's question whether the Government decided that Macedonia is a co-sponsor of the resolution on Srebrenica, Osmani answered that he made the decision himself.

– I make those decisions as minister, I have instructed our ambassador to the UN to be a co-sponsor and support the resolution. On a daily basis I support resolutions, reject resolutions, vote for states who are they run for certain positions. Those decisions are taken by the minister independently as implementer of foreign policy - said Osmani.

He reiterated that the reactions to the subject of genocide in Srebrenica are part of the crime of denial, which is strictly prohibited.

- Some of the panelists said that the address of the president of the Serbian party here goes against the laws and requested a court procedure. I will not comment, we are in an election and it can be interpreted differently, but of course the institutions can react after a vote is taken. We had a meeting yesterday with the ambassador of Serbia and we said that this is not a relationship towards Serbia and the people, but towards a crime that was committed and which the international courts found to be genocide, and the denial and glorification of the perpetrators is the continuation of genocide in another form. . It is best for Serbia to heal this wound as what other countries have done with verdicts for crimes against humanity - said Osmani after the panel discussion dedicated to the resolution on Srebrenica that should be adopted today at the UN.

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