Osmani is shocked by the question of whether the genocide in Srebrenica should be condemned

Srebrenica/ Photo: EPA-EFE/FEHIM DEMIR

I am shocked by the reactions in the public regarding the question of whether the genocide in Srebrenica should be condemned, said the presidential candidate of DUI and the "European Front", Bujar Osmani, pointing out that "it was the same as Germany denying the Holocaust".

Asked if we need this statement of his right now, given the reactions from Serbia, Osmani indicated that he expected "Serbia to vote first to take the burden off its shoulders", because it is about condemning the killing of 8.000 civilians in Srebrenica .

- I don't even want to think that anyone reacts to such events, especially since Macedonia is a leader in the region that promotes mutually harmonized inter-ethnic relations. We are not alone in this initiative - said Osmani.

He was determined that his reaction was not aimed at the Serbian people, nor at Serbia, but it corresponds to the judgment of the Hague Tribunal and we must not deny that.

Osmani, as a presidential candidate, had a meeting with the management of the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia today.

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