Osmani: DUI is ready to leave the Government on the same day when the constitutional amendments come into force

Photo: Free Press

The central presidency of DUI concluded its meeting at the party headquarters in Mala Recica, and the party informed that the preconditions addressed to them are accepted in order to have changes in the Constitution and the beginning of negotiations for membership in the European Union. The party spokesman Bujar Osmani said that the several hour session was exclusively intended for this decision.

He pointed out that the session analyzed the meeting of Prime Minister Kovacevski with the president of the opposition party, after which there was a response from DUI in relation to the opposition's request to form a government in which their party will not participate, as a prerequisite for supporting constitutional amendments. questions.

"First of all, the historical moment before which the state is facing as an opportunity for quick membership in the EU was primarily created by the geopolitical developments with the war in Ukraine. The EU's great awareness of the Western Balkans and the fast lane that appears as an opportunity. Referring to the consensual need of people regardless of affiliation for a better standard of living, for the possibility of keeping people here, for a fast track to membership in the EU in the coming years, the Central Presidency reaffirmed consensually and decisively the initial decision that we presented immediately after the meeting of the presidents of the political parties that DUI is ready to leave the Government on the same day when the constitutional amendments come into force, if that is a prerequisite for the opposition to support the constitutional amendments", said Bujar Osmani.

He further said that there is no more important issue today than the European future of the state and the European future of the citizens.

"We have a historic chance which, if we miss it, we certainly won't have it in the next 10-20 years. That's why DUI, assessing this momentum based on credible information that I also presented at the CP session and what Ali Ahmeti explained, made a decision to support such a decision in which DUI will support a Government without DUI representatives on the day they enter into office. the constitutional amendments take effect", Osmani pointed out.

The DUI says that their Presidency requires another process to take place in parallel.

- It is the beginning of vetting and investigation of all political parties, starting from the presidents to the last party official including MPs, officials and so on in order to end and institutionalize once and for all this abuse of the fight against corruption for party purposes . We believe that it is a very important process to create an environment to build trust so that this process can take place faster, Bujar Osmani pointed out.

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