Osmani: We were an excluded nation, now we have an Albanian prime minister and we are not stopping there

A state where everyone, regardless of ethnicity, will be able to realize their dreams - promised the presidential candidate of DUI and the European Front, Bujar Osmani. According to him, they "from an excluded people" came to have an Albanian prime minister.

Osmani described the European Front as an idea whose time has come.

"From an excluded nation, we are now a nation that achieved the first Albanian prime minister. We institutionalized the dignity of our people. We have started to demolish the mono-ethnic fortresses: the President of the Assembly, the first Prime Minister, but we are not finished yet, because we still have a fortress that is a forbidden zone for us. This mission is sacred and not accidental. That's why I urge you to approve it," said Osmani.

MP candidates Blerim Bejeti and Naim Bajrami asked the youth for massive support for Bujar Osmani and the European Front. Invitations on April 24 and May 8 to seal the great victory of the Front, which will complete the last mission for ethnic equality and complete the European dream of the youth in Macedonia.


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