Orlic: The protests in Pristina are an indication of the importance of the Community of Serbian Municipalities

Photo: Facebook, Vladimir Orlić

The Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Vladimir Orlić, today assessed that the protests in Pristina due to the European agreement on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, during which a smoke bomb was thrown at the government, are an indication of the importance of establishing the Community of Serbian Municipalities (CMU).

"Based on those events yesterday, but not only them, we can better understand the importance of the ZSO and what shocks such an issue can cause at the political level in Pristina and for (Prime Minister of Kosovo) Albin Kurti himself," Orlić told the television. Happy, reports Beta.

According to him, Kurti "resisted in all possible and impossible ways" to avoid that obligation, while the protests in Pristina showed what the political scene there thinks about the ZSO.

"And then someone here tells you that the ZSO is not in the interest of the Serbs, that it is not that important. There they want to burn Kurti (because of the ZSO), they tell him that they will shoot him with a molotov cocktail. And that is the best answer whether ZSO is significant or not", Orlic assessed.

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