The Philharmonic Orchestra together with FMU students will perform the concert "The Sound of the New Generation"

The Philharmonic Orchestra

On June 8, at 20 p.m., the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will hold a concert entitled "The Sound of the New Generation" with students from the Faculty of Music in Skopje.

The program includes works by Mozart, Dietersdorf, Lobos, Shostakovich and Saint-Saens and Jacob. The conductor is maestro Sasho Tatarchevski.

Kristina Ljushkoska (flute, fourth year, class: prof. Strasho Temkov), Ivona Davidovska (double bass, third year, class: Assoc. Aleksandar Pop Hristov), ​​Andrej Gjorshevski (guitar, fourth year, class:) will perform as soloists. Associate Prof. Borche Naumoski, M.Sc.), Ivona Stojanova (piano, fourth year, class: Prof. Dr. Marija Gjoshevska), Bojan Dimitrovski (piano, second year, class: Assoc. Dino Imeri, M.Sc.), Angela Nikolovska (piano, third year, class: prof. Katerina Gelebesheva-Kostadinovska), Darko Grozdanovski (violin, fourth year, class: prof. Oleg Kondratenko) and Victor Bogoevski (trombone, third year, class: doc. m. Dr. Dimche Belchovski).

At the concert, prizes for music criticism will be awarded to students from the Faculty of Music Arts who participated in the "Music Criticism" workshop and attended the "Blagden" concert with the conductor Vanja Gjumar Nikolovski, where the grandiose Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler was performed.

The students wrote reviews which were then judged by a jury that chose the best, and at the concert on Thursday, prizes will be awarded to the best. The workshop is implemented as a collaboration between the Philharmonic and the Faculty of Music and aims to encourage production and interest in writing music reviews among young people, reports from the NU Philharmonic.

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