Orchid, a real beauty in the home: How to store it properly?

Orchid flowers
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The orchid is one of the most beautiful decorative flowers that flower lovers can have in their home. At least those who keep it know how much attention is needed and how sensitive it is. In addition to moderate watering, you need additional food for the soil to enjoy its flowers for longer.

There is a little trick that positively affects the orchid, and believe it or not - a banana.

Orchid, flowers
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In the experience of florists, a simple recipe can help these beauties at home to last longer in all their splendor and beauty.

Bananas are recommended because they contain phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. These substances affect the longer life of plants.


Put two banana peels in a bowl and pour two liters of water over them. Leave them to stand for two days. Then dilute the mixture with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Pour this water over the orchid as you normally do.

You will see results in a few days!

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