The organizers of the "Serbia against violence" protest signed a "Victory Agreement" and demanded extraordinary parliamentary elections

Photo: MIA

The representatives of the five parliamentary groups of the opposition - Nebojša Zelenović, Zoran Lutovac, Marinika Tepic, Miroslav Aleksić, Radomir Lazović and Aleksandar Jovanović Čuta, who organized the "Serbia against violence" protests, today signed a "Victory Agreement" and repeated the request until the end of the year to hold extraordinary parliamentary and Belgrade elections. They demonstrated unity and determination to defeat the "criminal regime" and called on all opposition actors to cooperate with them to achieve that goal.

The essence of the agreement signed by the pro-European opposition parties is the joint cooperation of all other opposition parties, not only the cooperation of the signatories of this agreement, respecting and not attacking the opposition, coordinating the actions of the opposition and focusing on changing the criminal regime, control in the elections, all that is needed for the victory of the "criminal government". It was also insisted on the inclusion of citizens in the political processes.

The signed document does not necessarily mean, its signatories explained, that it is a coalition that will go to the elections on a single list, it will be decided in the interest of achieving the best possible result when the elections are announced.

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