The organs of a person with confirmed brain death donated to three patients

Hospital operation / Photo Archive of the World Cup

One brave family decided yesterday to donate the organs of a loved one who was confirmed brain dead. After the preparations and the coordination between the teams from the internal and surgical clinics, the exploitation started late at night, and immediately afterwards the transplantation, first on the heart, and this morning on both kidneys, announced from Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health stated that one young patient received a heart, and two dialysis patients are already having kidney transplants. Several more patients, they added, will be able to receive bone tissue in the coming days.

- With their humanity and the decision to donate organs, this family gave life to at least three patients, and to bring us all a morning full of hope. And we are infinitely grateful to them for that. Thanks also to the medical teams from all clinics involved in the transplantation and transplantation, who worked tirelessly for the past XNUMX hours and still work, said the Ministry of Health.

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