Ordanoski: Dimitar Kovacevski should not be underestimated

Sasho Ordanoski. / Photo: Free Press

Journalist and political analyst Sasho Ordanoski in tonight's guest appearance on the show "Only Truth", dedicated to current political developments in the country, referred to the resignation of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the election of his eventual deputy.

He says The analysis of whether the Prime Minister of the country should have resigned is already behind us, given that it is certain that Zaev is leaving the helm of SDSM.

"Zoran Zaev still made a step forward in terms of electing a new president of the party, which shows democratic capacity, and what is expected is a chance for SDSM to call more people who will show ambition. The wind in the back that Dimitar Kovacevski received is certainly not to be underestimated, and it is good for the parties to bring such a tone, not only democratically because some debate would develop, but also because politics does not always go only to direct "profit and only by calculation," he said.

Ordanoski added that specifically for this lineup, it is about younger politicians who, despite their previous experience, may project themselves in politics in the future, for a longer period of time. Regarding the announcements for the new successor of the leadership position in SDSM, Ordanoski said that it would be wrong to underestimate Kovacevski.

"No matter what a surprise he is, Kovacevski should not be underestimated, because in Macedonia both Gruevski and Zaev were underestimated, as well as many other politicians, but politics shows how good the politicians themselves are after taking office for which they are appointed. ", Says Ordanoski.

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