Municipalities pay large sums of money for Cadastre data

Photo: Free Press/ Aneta Stojkovska

A request to provide an electronic system for the implementation of property tax collection procedures, in applying the tax policy to all taxpayers equally, was one of the topics discussed at the fifth General Assembly of the Community of Local Self-Government Units.

In a statement to the media on the issue related to the collection of the property tax, the president of ZELS Orce Gjorgjievski emphasized that the municipalities and the City of Skopje have a closed door from the institutions. As Gjordjievski explained, in order to update the collection system, large sums of money are required for the data that the municipalities have to provide from the Cadastre, which is an additional burden for the municipalities' budget.

The President of ZELS and Mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality pointed to the Central Registry as an example, which, as he said, receives the data from the Cadastre for free, while the municipalities are charged, which, according to him, is neither fair nor correct.

 We have a series of letters to the Government and to Cadastre where I point to the example of the Central Registry and others that receive services for free, we request that the same be provided for the municipalities, because at the end of the day we all participate in the state budgets, in the coffers of the state. The Cadastre institution is financed from those state budgets and coffers, and it is logical that we receive that data as municipalities for free - said Gjordjievski.

Mayor Danela Arsovska pointed out this problem a few months ago, who pointed out that a quarter of property owners in Skopje do not pay taxes because their properties are not entered in the City of Skopje's tax collection system, and she shifted the blame for that to The Real Estate Cadastre Agency.

Arsovska complained that if they wanted to receive the data, they would have to pay two million euros, but even then they would receive it incomplete, without an identity number, so the City would not benefit from it. She pointed out that she has been looking for the data for a year, but she only receives some excuses from the other side. The mayor even publicly expressed her suspicion that something else is hidden behind this action of the Agency, that is, that the assets of many people from public and social life are being hidden in this way.

Cadastre immediately responded to the mayor's accusations. According to them, with such claims, the mayor is seeking justification for the situation in which she has led the city.

The City of Skopje has not requested, nor received, a calculation from AKN, nor information on how much the total amount of the requested data would cost. Therefore, the amount with which the mayor manipulates is pure misinformation, inciting dissatisfaction and concealing one's own weaknesses - Cadastar pointed out and added that such a request was submitted to the Government in February 2022, in the role of president of ZELS.

From there, they explained that they sent a detailed response in which, among other things, they state that ZELS do not act according to the given legal obligations in relation to the Register of Spatial Units for which appropriate urban-planning documentation is not submitted, then in relation to the Graphic Register of Construction Land, for which AKN requested the users who access the Register to be updated, this was not done, which, according to them, could cause problems in the procedure of adopting the planning documentation. And finally, as they stated in the reaction, the Graphic Register of Streets and House Numbers does not comply with the provisions of the Law on Determining the Names of Streets, Squares, Bridges and other infrastructure facilities, so according to them, the mayor is obliged to answer why not acts according to the positive legal regulations and the obligations of the City of Skopje.

Cadastre pointed out that in order to meet the needs of the local self-government, the Government and Cadastre have reduced the prices to 20 denars per piece of data for each real estate, that is, the amount charged for these pieces of data has been reduced by 60 percent.

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