Municipalities open to ideas and proposals: Citizens must know what money will be spent on in 2024

Photo: Municipality of Butel

Citizens must know how and for what their money is spent, but also that the projects that will be planned with budget money in the coming year satisfy their needs and ensure the development of the municipality and humane living, claim the municipalities.

In the period when the municipal budgets for the coming year 2024 are being prepared, programs are being conceptualized, priorities and projects are being determined, most Skopje municipalities have decided to involve the citizens in the creation of the budget, each of them calling for transparency in their work.

Local authorities claim that citizens must know how and for what their money is spent, but also that the projects that will be planned with budget money in the coming year satisfy their needs and ensure the development of the municipality and humane living.

In the past year, we worked according to plan and as the citizens directed us through their problems and needs. It is the right way through which we can be in real and constant contact with our fellow citizens and solve their problems. As in the past year, this year as well, we will create a new budget of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, which will be composed of numerous capital projects, but will also be full of ideas and projects derived directly from our citizens - indicated the mayor of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, Aleksandar Stoykosky.

The citizens of Gjorce Petrov can submit their ideas by filling out a form in the Municipality or fill out the same form electronically through the official website of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov.

The Mayor of Gazi Baba Municipality, Boban Stefkovski, and representatives from the municipal organization recently organized meetings with citizens from several settlements, where they personally heard the proposals, needs and were informed about the problems faced by the citizens. They have already held meetings in Stajkovci, Strachinci, Brnjarci, Creshevo, Viniche, Smilkovci, Bulacani and Rashtak, with the residents of Hipodrom, Cento, Pitu Guli – Indzhikovo, Singelic and Krste Misirkov, as well as with the citizens of Autokomanda, Keramidnica, Zhelezara, Triangle , Magzari 1 and Kiril Petrushevski. As Stefkovski informs, 1614 proposals and ideas from the citizens were noted at the meetings held, and the meetings were held under the motto "Citizens decide".

Every problem faced by citizens deserves a solution. Through dedicated work and continuous dialogue with the citizens, we will manage to overcome the problems - says the mayor of Gazi Baba.

Butel Municipality also wanted to hear the opinions of its residents, who were invited to the municipal premises to share their proposals for the Budget.

Collecting quality ideas, we create a quality budget together with all the citizens of our municipality. We heard really great and constructive ideas, in the field of sports, education, culture, infrastructure. We are sure that a large part of what we heard today will be implemented - announced the mayor Darko Kostovski.

Apart from the meeting in the Municipality, citizens can submit their proposals, ideas, solutions, suggestions for a better, modern and stable Municipality of Butel to the archive of the Municipality, to the phone number 075274421, as well as to the email [email protected] . For the first time, teams from the local administration were organized to visit households and talk to citizens.

Kisela Voda Municipality announced that this year they continue to move in the direction of fully transparent and accountable management of the municipality.

Working in constant communication with our residents, we have so far implemented numerous projects that were a priority for them, for which they had been waiting for 30 years and which no one had heard of before. Now, when we are preparing the new Budget for 2024, we are again using all mechanisms to give a voice to our residents and enable them to participate equally in its creation - says the mayor Orce Gjorgjievski.

He announced that a stand for ideas has been opened where dozens of questionnaires with suggestions from residents have already been submitted, such questionnaires are also available in the archive of the municipality, and citizens can also submit their ideas electronically to the email address [email protected].

Green gardens and interactive parks for every school, an access ramp at the "Dimitar Miladinov" school for children with special needs, digitization in kindergartens, were requested by the citizens who participated in the first forum session for budget planning for 2024 of the Municipality of Centar. They proposed the creation of an online tourist guide, the installation of "recumbent policemen" on busy streets, the landscaping of the area near the Green Market next to the former "Cocktail Bar", the replacement of the pavement and the installation of insulation to protect the underground garages, and they also requested the landscaping of the park in Kapistec , on the move from the "Zebra" shopping center to the "Beverly Hills" shopping center, but also a new green roof at the "Kocho Racin" kindergarten.

The Municipality of Centar informs that through these forums citizens are involved in the creation and implementation of programs and strategic plans. At the first session, Mayor Goran Gerasimovski made a cross-section of the work done in the past two years and called on the residents of Centar to contribute to the creation of a higher quality and better life in the municipality with their proposals.

In the past two years, we have focused on the real needs of the residents of Centar. We focused on modern and inclusive education, new parking spaces, energy efficiency, clean environment, quality infrastructure, development of culture and sports. The principle of our work is to have regular communication with citizens and that is why we are at the top among local governments in terms of transparency and quality work - said Gerasimovski at the forum.

The mayor also pointed out the priorities for the coming year, including the full implementation of the "Spring" kindergarten, the construction of which is in progress, the construction of an assembly garage in Kapistec, as well as the reconstruction of 14 more streets.

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