The municipality still provides conditions for transmission: The decision has been made, but it is a mystery when there will be live sessions of Karposh

Photo: Municipality of Karpos

The municipality of Karpoš remained one of the few municipalities in Skopje whose citizens cannot follow the Council sessions live and hear what decisions are made and what discussions are held by the people who are elected to represent the interests of the people of Karpoš. At the last session of the Council, a decision was made to broadcast the sessions live, but whether and when it will work in practice remains to be seen.
Even after a year and a half of the mandate of the new leadership, there is still no precise answer when the broadcasts or at least the recordings of the sessions will start.

In the municipality of Karposh, a procedure is underway to ensure the conditions for live transmission of the sessions of the Council of the Municipality. After the completion of the entire procedure for the realization of the transmission, the sessions of the Council will be transmitted live - reads the answer from the Municipality, which does not say anything specifically.

There is no answer as to whether the Decision made by the Council will be respected, nor when finally the citizens will be able to stream the first session live or at least its recording the following day, and what is most important, there is no answer to the question of whether the Municipality has the technical equipment needed to transmit the live sessions.

A year ago, a procedure for the procurement of equipment was carried out, and a few months later, Karposh explained to "Sloboden Pechat" that the problem was that the selected company did not deliver equipment according to the specifications from the public announcement.

After the published announcement for the selection of a company for the purchase of equipment for the transmission of live sessions of the Council of the Municipality of Karposh, the most favorable bidder was selected. The bidder delivered the equipment, but after the handover, it was determined that part of the delivered equipment did not comply with the specification from the advertisement, which is why it was returned and he was asked to deliver equipment according to the specifications stated in the advertisement. We expect the bidder to deliver equipment in accordance with the specified specification, after which the equipment will be checked and installed for use - they explained nine months ago from the Municipality of Karposh.

What happened in the meantime and finally, whether the Municipality has equipment or not - there is no answer. However, they do not agree with the statement that the citizens do not know what happens at the sessions and what decisions are made, and claim that this is an absolute lie.

 We want to remind you that the sessions of the Karposh Municipality Council are open to the public and that journalists and citizens can follow them live with physical presence. Information about the time and day of the session, as well as the agenda, is published on the official website of the Municipality before each session, and after the end, information about the decisions made is published on the website and on social networks, and it is also sent announcement to the media - say from Karposh.

From the Municipality further, instead of answering the questions, they point out that
due to the responsible and transparent operation of the municipal administration, Karposh received two awards for the most transparent municipality in the country.

The research conducted by the Center for Civil Communications, which determines the index of active transparency of the institutions, in 2022 ranks the Municipality of Karposh together with Bitola and Valandovo as the most transparent municipality in the country with 97,1%, as well as by far the most transparent municipality in the Skopje region. According to the openness index, the municipality of Karpos was also rated with the highest score for budget transparency. According to the Association for Research and Analysis ZMAI, Karposh has the highest value of budget openness of 73.4, and that index also shows the involvement, fairness and accountability of the municipal treasury, i.e. for the way of spending the citizens' money, as the main contributors to the Budget - they explain from the Municipality.

But beyond all surveys and research, the concrete situation is that there is no live broadcast of sessions in Karposh, unlike the municipalities of Centar, Aerodrom, Gazi Baba, Kisela Voda and others where this is a regular practice. Regarding the claim that the sessions of the Council are open to the presence of citizens "live with physical presence", perhaps this would be possible if the sessions were not held during working hours and if space for the presence of at least a hundred interested parties would be provided. citizens.

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