Municipality of Karposh about the amusement park: This is a bully for whom the law does not apply, the authorities should sanction him the most severely

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The Municipality of Karpoš denies that any approval was issued for the props for the carousel near the "Boris Trajkovski" sports center and for the operation of the amusement park for the simple reason that, as they explain from there, the Municipality does not have the authority to issue such approvals.

Obviously, this is a rapist for whom the legal procedures do not apply, and therefore the competent state institutions should sanction him the most severely, bearing in mind that he does not have the necessary approvals to carry out this activity at the location in question. If someone performs an activity without the necessary consents from competent local or state institutions and without appropriate technical documentation, the State Market Inspectorate imposes a ban on performing the activity - Karpoš points out for "Sloboden Pechat".

Since during yesterday's part of the site near the amusement park, in addition to the municipal construction inspector, there were also inspectors from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Internal Revenue Service and the Market Inspectorate, the Municipality requests that they use their legal powers and that this case be closed.

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