Opposition against Ahmeti's offer for a government of national salvation

Ali Ahmeti, campaign, Photo: Ahmeti Facebook

VMRO-DPMNE and "Vredi" believe that they will win the elections and that Ahmeti's proposal is for his personal and DUI's salvation, not for the state.

The DUI leader's offer does not pass Ali Ahmeti for a government of national salvation or national unity for European integration, if a political government is not formed after the parliamentary elections, i.e. if The European front, led by DUI, or the coalition "worth it" refuse to be part of the executive branch which is against changes to the Constitution.

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE and "Vredi" believe that they will win the elections and that Ahmeti's proposal is for his personal and DUI's salvation, not for the state.


Ahmeti visiting TV21 asserts that the parties of the Albanians, both in the government and in the opposition, have signed a document that they will not enter the government if there are no constitutional amendments for the entry of Bulgarians and other communities, and to prevent the country from entering a political crisis, the salvation lies in the formation of a people's government in which will be attended by all the parties that will win seats in the parliamentary elections on May 8.
Ahmeti claims that the contract was signed one and a half months ago.

Ali Ahmeti, campaign Photo: Facebook Grubi

- The agreement was signed between the Alliance for Albanians, DPA, Besa and Alternativa. If I'm not mistaken, yes, it was Alternative. It was signed only by Arben Taravari as the president of the Alliance. I signed, yes, immediately. Azir Aliu complained that they were creating problems for him, I forgot Izet's party, the Movement for Change. That other parties create problems for him, why DUI here, why there, should be at the end, he said that he did it according to the alphabet - said Ahmeti.

The agreement between the parties of the Albanians stipulates that "there is no partnership with political parties that are against constitutional changes and against Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic path".
And while Ahmeti claims that the document was signed by all the leaders of the parties from the Albanian political bloc, "Vredi" denies that there is a written agreement.

Photo: Izzet Majiti / Facebook

- Let Ahmeti show such an agreement if he has one. He is not telling the truth. They don't know what they are talking about anymore. So there is no such agreement - the leader of the Democratic Movement is decisive Izzet Mejetti.

In a statement for "Sloboden Pechat", he rejects Ahmeti's offer for the possible formation of a government for national salvation.

- Ahmeti is not looking for national salvation, but salvation for DUI and for himself. "Vredi" will win the elections and form the future government - Majiti told us.

The leader of DUI says that if there is no readiness for constitutional changes, then a government of national unity should be formed after the elections.

- I think there is no need to go into a crisis, because there is a solution. Let's all take responsibility, to form a people's government after the elections, if there is no readiness from the party that will win the elections, because no one can know how the elections will be on May 8 and April 24 - says Ahmeti.

From VMRO-DPMNE they say to "Sloboden Pechat" that they are the winners of the elections.

Mickoski at a rally in Kichevo/Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

- VMRO-DPMNE will have a clear victory in the parliamentary elections and will form a stable government. The offer is an expression of Ahmeti's fear and nervousness because he will lose the elections. Ahmeti should not deal with proposals for a government of national salvation, because he is thinking of a government of crime and corruption, as he has been until now - say VMRO-DPMNE.

Although we asked, from SDSM we did not receive a response to Ahmeti's proposal.

DUI has previously announced that even if they win the parliamentary elections, they will not be part of a government that is against the constitutional amendments. According to information from DUI, all parties that will be part of the new parliamentary composition after the parliamentary elections, with the exception of Left. The document that Ahmeti talks about, but not confirmed by "Vredi", is a condition for forming a government after the elections. Ahmeti and the leaders of the European Front started the campaign for the parliamentary elections through a simulation of the constituent session in which, after the election of the President of the Assembly, the first point was to amend the Constitution, which, according to Ahmeti, sent a message that there will be no government if there are no constitutional amendments.

The "Vredi" coalition, on the other hand, is the first to inform that there is a gentleman's but not written agreement between the parties of the Albanians, that no party should enter a government that does not guarantee the adoption of constitutional amendments. "Vredi" gives a deadline for the Parliament to adopt the constitutional amendments by the new year. The hunting of Albanian parties to form a new government follows the strong positions of VMRO-DPMNE that there is no change to the Constitution under Bulgarian dictation.

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