An operative of the Macedonian police discovered Palco in Turkey

Photo: Free Press

The Turkish police arrested Ljupco Palevski-Palco, suspected of organizing and carrying out the murder of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and 74-year-old Panche Zhezhovski from Veles, since a direct operational source of the Macedonian police located him and informed him of his intention to go to Istanbul, Minister Spasovki said.

He reported tonight that our services from the international cooperation department came into direct contact with the operative source in Balikesir after receiving a notification that Palevski had entered Turkey.

"In Turkey, he goes to the city of Balikesir and our services from the international police cooperation department directly contact not only the authorities, the police, but they also contact one of their operative sources who, in a very short time, gave us feedback that the person is located in Balikesir and told us about his intentions that from here he practically wants to go to Istanbul. It remains there, in Balikesir. He prepares to hire a taxi driver to go to Istanbul and here it is practical to pretend that he will go, because he is going back to the city again. This afternoon he was arrested by his colleagues from the Turkish police while he was walking on one of the highways, but in Balikesir," said Minister Spasovski.

As Minister Spasovski said, Palevski previously pretended that he would travel to Istanbul.

"His final destination was Istanbul, according to the information from our source that we had there, direct. That's why he took a taxi and we practically knew from the source that he took a taxi to go to Istanbul, left Balikesir, went to Istanbul and in a short time returned back to Balikesir. It is that simulation, he probably thought that he would not be discovered that way," Minister Spasovski explained.

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