Online Deposit - Click and Save!

How many times have you thought about the fastest way to complete a homework assignment without being physically present where you could do everything remotely? Order a flower for a birthday, order a pizza for a Saturday gathering, a permanent order for home overhead… All of these things go smoothly when you can pay for them through your mobile phone or through simple access from your laptop. Today's habits have changed, and in order to provide all services more efficiently, the world market is making a complete turnaround and is dynamically devoting itself to electronic options that optimize new ways of using your time and money.

At a time when we really need a sense of personal and financial security, the possibility of a deposit seems necessary. What Halkbank AD Skopje leads in is a novelty that absolutely covers your savings needs, not only time but also money. It is an online product - deposit, intended for individuals using Halkbank e-banking, which can be opened only through the e-banking platform. And all the steps that lead to it are simple, with one click - to many possibilities!


What characterizes this product?

The minimum amount for opening a deposit is: 3.000 MKD or 50 EUR

Maximum investment amount is without limit!

The interest payment is at the end of the term deposit period.

The interest rate is fixed.

With this deposit you can term the funds to 6, 12 and 24 months.

For more product information - just click on this link.  Learn more about the opportunities to do more for yourself, your personal and family budget, your future plans and financial stability, but also good health and smart time - apply without being physically present at Halkbank branches. Because people and their well-being are important.


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