Onishchenko is surprised to be stripped of his citizenship: I provided them with a valid Russian passport and birth certificate

Onishchenko (left) in Dubai, a photo he sent to the editorial office of "Free Press" while giving an interview together with Luka Zalozhnik

The government has started a procedure to revoke the citizenship of Oleksandr Onishchenko, according to Article 14 of the Law on Citizenship which reads: "The decision on admission to citizenship can be annulled after delivery if it is determined that the foreigner, when submitting the application for admission to citizenship by naturalization, provided untrue or incorrect data, i.e. used false documents."

"Sloboden Pechat" asked Onishchenko what false documents or untrue information he gave to Macedonian institutions in the process of obtaining citizenship.

- There is no fraud in my citizenship, not a single gram. I do not know what to say. They asked me to represent Macedonia and help prepare for the Olympic Games. If they don't want to, I'll do it my way. The Federation asked me, Luka Zalognik asked me every day. I have provided all the official documents with the application. My Russian passport and birth certificate. I have both Russian and Ukrainian passports. When I applied for Macedonian citizenship, I applied with my Russian passport. I competed for Russia before. I only have valid documents, I cannot have invalid ones, I am an official person, Onishchenko told us.

We sent the same question to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Government, that is, what false documents did Onishchenko submit in order to have his citizenship revoked according to that article of the Law. So far there are no answers.

According to information from "Sloboden Pechat", the National Security Agency has started a procedure for checking all citizenships issued under Article 11 of the Law on Citizenship, i.e. for persons who are of special cultural, sports or scientific interest to the state, to see if there are omissions in other cases as well.

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