UN: The humanitarian situation in the south of Ukraine is dire and critical

Refugees from Ukraine,

The situation in Kherson and Hikolaiv, cities in the south of Ukraine, is "terrible and critical", and in Nikolaev alone, almost a quarter of a million people face a lack of water, electricity and heating, the United Nations warned today.

U.N. spokesman Stefan Dyzarik said U.N. humanitarian aid coordinator Denise Brown visited the two towns in southern Ukraine over the weekend and filed a report indicating that people fleeing Kherson were heading toward Mykolaiv, CNN reported.

Heating stations were set up in Nikolaev to help people who cannot heat their homes, and according to Dizharik, aid workers provided food and generators to make these stations functional.

- We expect that, with the support of the authorities, in Kherson we will be able to cover the basic needs of those who remained in the city, provided that we succeed and maintain the level of aid that has been arriving for the past two weeks. However, the situation with water supply, steam and electricity is still difficult, although the supply of electricity is gradually improving - said Dižarik.

Donors have provided $3,1 billion in humanitarian aid this year, which is distributed through the UN, but Dijarik stressed the importance of continuing funding, especially in the winter months.


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