The Olympics and soccer bring more money to France and Germany

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Travel remains the main priority of European consumers this year, according to the latest report of the European Travel Commission, Politika reported. There will be equal travel to destinations in the EU and on longer distances, and forecasts show that travelers in Europe will spend 742,8 billion euros this year, which is an increase of 14,3 percent compared to last year. This, as noted, can be attributed to both inflation and the growing need for travel, with travelers potentially opting for longer stays and more varied experiences. Germany is expected to be the main source of traveler spending, accounting for 16 percent of total spending in Europe this year. Demand in France and Germany will be increased due to the Olympic Games in Paris and the European Football Championship.

"This summer will bring two major sporting events to Europe. The Olympic Games in France are expected to bring an increase in domestic and international tourists, and this will be felt beyond Paris itself. Consumption growth of 13 percent for Paris and 24 percent for all of France is predicted. "The European football championship will be concentrated in ten cities, which is why all of them will have a significant income from tourism," the ETC report states. Meanwhile, the war between Israel and Palestine is affecting travel from Israel to Europe, with Israeli arrivals down 54 percent from last year in the first quarter alone. For the industry itself, the biggest challenges are accommodation costs (59 percent), business costs (52 percent) and staff shortages (52 percent). Commenting on the report, Miguel Sanz, President of ETC, said that the first results of this year bring positive expectations for European tourism.

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