About 380 buildings will be left without heating if the defects are not removed in time

Central heating / Photo: Free Press Archive

Although the night air temperatures have dropped below 12 degrees these days, Skopje residents who are heated by central heating will have to wait at least another week, because the heating season can start on October 1 at the earliest, provided that the cold nights continue. Until then, BEG makes regular checks on the substations and their functionality in order, as they say, to ensure safe and quality delivery of heat to all consumers after the start of the heating season.

The regular heating season, regardless of outside temperatures, starts on October 15 and will last until April 15. However, for all citizens connected to central heating to receive home heating on time, it is necessary to complete the interventions of the internal heating installation, to provide access of the company crews to the heating station and to provide electricity supply to the substation, in order to deliver of thermal energy in the buildings that are connected to the central heating system to take place smoothly after the beginning of the heating season.

According to the records of BEG, there are currently several hundred buildings where if there is no timely intervention, there will be no heating. In homes, the maintenance of the internal heating installation is the responsibility of the owners and the community of tenants.

- At the moment in about 378 collective residential buildings the required conditions are not provided yet, ie they have defects in the internal installation, the access of the company teams to the heating stations is disabled or they do not have electricity in the heating stations. Heat supply "Balkan Energy" has already sent letters to all consumers, tenant communities, ie to the companies that manage the housing units for their obligations regarding the smooth start of the heating season - informs BEG.

Upon completion of the internal installation interventions, consumers should contact the BEG Consumer Care Center and report that the defect has been rectified. The company's website contains information on which facilities are closed and why heat cannot be delivered.

- At the same time, the communities of owners or managers of the facilities need to provide uninterrupted access of the officials to the heating station as well as to provide constant supply of electricity to the heating station (paid electricity bills for the heating station and functional electrical installation) - say from the company.

For all necessary information or applications for certain interventions, consumers can contact the Consumer Care Center at 023076200 and 075400100.

On the website of Heat Supply "Balkan Energy", as reported by BEG, there is regular information which facilities are closed and why heat can not be delivered.

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