Ohrid hotels will raise prices, the wave of price increases pressed them even before it happened

Ohrid./Photo: Free Press Archive

Hoteliers from Ohrid and Struga will increase the prices of the arrangements, after the announcements from the processors that their products will increase by up to 50% by the end of the year, announced Alsat.

The hotel association says that the higher prices will affect the reservations with foreign guests for the upcoming tourist season.

"We will have to reduce our products to the new product prices we have to pay. I hope it will not be too big a shock because we also need to survive and fill the capacities we have…. "If we have a better price, we will have a fullness of 50 rooms, and if we have a more expensive price that is not competitive, we may have a fullness of 30 or 25 rooms." says for Alsat the president of HOTAM, Krste Blazeski.

The hoteliers have already announced the new prices to the foreign partners.

"Not that they are in the mood to change the price, but they are also ready, if the increase is minimal and available for both parties to realize," said the hotel manager Tose Chochoroski.

An additional problem for domestic tourism and the survival of hotel and catering facilities would be the announcements of an energy crisis, ie an increase in the price of electricity after the New Year. They say it will be another serious blow for them, well they are already asking the state to provide them with assistance and subsidies.

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